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Water Damage Proper Assessment

Following a water damage event, your first reaction may be the quite appropriate “what a mess”, and this is understandable.  Water damage leaves behind a level of carnage that can be overwhelming and traumatizing for the average homeowner, in many … Continue reading

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Water Damage Equipment and Tools of the Trade

Repairing water damage can be a Herculean effort, and requires some rather specialized tools of the trade.  Your local Clean Trust (previously IICRC) certified water restoration professional will be both trained and experienced with the various types of tools required … Continue reading

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Water Damage Insurance Claim Guide

Anybody who has owned a home for any length of time will end up having to deal with water damage. This alone is bad enough, but having to file a water damage claim with your insurance company may leave you … Continue reading

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Water Damaged Insulation Dry Or Replace?

It only takes a little water to do a lot of damage to your home or business.  As little as one inch of water can cause damage totaling in the thousands of dollars.  What’s worse, when water gets within the … Continue reading

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IICRC Renamed The Clean Trust

One of the basic problems found within the water restoration industry was its lack of regulation, which basically meant that anyone could offer water mitigation services without necessarily being qualified to do the job.  All too often homeowners would hurriedly … Continue reading

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