IICRC Renamed The Clean Trust

One of the basic problems found within the water restoration industry was its lack of regulation, which basically meant that anyone could offer water mitigation services without necessarily being qualified to do the job.  All too often homeowners would hurriedly hire the first outfit to answer the phone without properly checking them out, only to end up with less than stellar results.

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Likewise, water damage requires fast action, which usually leaves little time for luxuries like checking references or background information.  The end result was usually a shot in the dark, coupled with the hope that you hired a knowledgeable and talented professional to work on your home.

Since 1972 however, the water restoration industry has done a remarkable job of policing itself with the formation of the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  This industry leader established standards, practices, and protocol for the industry as a whole, providing training and certification in all areas of water damage restoration, a strong measure of accountability for service providers, as well as peace of mind for homeowners who already have enough to deal with.

Recently, the IICRC changed its name to The Clean Trust, in an attempt to clarify its image and better define its role within the industry.  An ad campaign to assist with the company branding will be rolled out over the course of the coming months here in the US with Australia to follow suite sometime in late 2012.

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“The Clean Trust lets people know exactly what we do, in a business-like, technical, professional way. We train. We set the standards. We certify. We vouch for a technician’s ability and professionalism and thereby ease our customer’s worries and concerns,” said Paul Pearce, The Clean Trust Chairman “Although the acronym of the IICRC also had a meaning; it wasn’t as direct and easy to understand.” 

While the name may be new, the overall mission remains unchanged.  The Clean Trust will continue to offer training, education, and certification in all areas of the restoration industry, cleaning, restoration, and inspection.  The Clean Trust will also continue to pursue the development of new standards and practices, with the goal of keeping current with the most up to date methods and procedures in water damage mitigation and restoration.

As of 2011, The Clean Trust represents more than 5700 certified companies, and some 54000 certified technicians in the United States and around the world.  While it does not have its own school location, it does approve schools and instructors who meet The Clean Trust standards. 

Over the last 39 years, consumers have trusted the IICRC certification symbol when choosing a water damage service provider.  That tradition will continue even more effectively with the name change.

So from this point forward, we encourage you to contact your local provider certified and approved by The Clean Trust.  New name, same mission, guaranteed results.

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Dan Camara is the CEO of PuroClean Home Rescue in Sacramento. We have been helping the good folks of Northern California with water damage dryouts, mold removal and fire cleanups for nearly 5 years now. Connect with me on Google+
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