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The process of removing mold can be complicated, especially depending on the area it is in. If your mold is located in a small confined space it may be more difficult to get to, and may make the job a little harder. However, there is always a way to remove this fungi from your home, and doing it safely and correctly is the most important thing to remember.

PuroClean is known for its success in the remediation and restoration field. The proper removal of mold is critical due to how mold works. Mold can grow on any organic material (just about anything in your home). What happens when mold spores are introduced to a mold free environment? The mold will spread and become even worse. In this article you will have the proper steps PuroClean takes explained to you.

The first thing our team will do is assess the situation, the mold, and how they will go about removing it. Containment will always be set, to ensure the rest of your home is protected from the active mold spores. The way this is done is a large section of plastic will be set over your doorway, hallway, etc. to block the rest of your home from the affected area. Once the plastic is in place it will be secured with double sided Polyken tape, staples, or any other industrial made adhesive striping. This plastic will be hung up tightly and airtight with no openings.

Once your affected area is secured and separated from the rest of your home the removal of the mold can continue. Our team will then set up a time and day to remove the mold from your home.

An example of mold growth indoors

While being in the contained area, it is an obligation to wear a full bodied hazmat suit and full faced respirator to protect the health of our authorized and mold certified employees. The reason behind the suits and respirators is that mold is hazardous to an individual’s health. Mold contains spores that can enter a person’s lungs, and may very dangerous, especially if one has asthma. Prolonged exposure to mold may also have a large impact on a person’s health over a long period of time.

Before removing the mold the cause of the water damage must be determined. It may be a small leak from a cracked pipe, or maybe a sink or bathtub overflowed and soaked drywall or flooring. Either way, the cause must be determined and fixed before the removal may continue. After identifying the cause and stopping it from causing any further damage the removal of the affected materials will be done. Any affected material that is removed must be placed in a heavy duty plastic garbage bag, the bag must then be taped and closed to ensure no mold spores can escape and infect anything else.

The materials are removed and your home is almost mold free, what is the next step? Typically if you have infected drywall, the structure of your home will be infected too. This sounds scary but we simply mean that the studs in your wall may have minor mold damage, but this can be taken care of in a quick manner. Our team will scrub the studs with wire brushes, and will also sand down the affected area removing any existing mold. While the mold is being removed, our team uses a Hepa filtered vacuum. This type of vacuum locks in any and all mold that it sucks up, making it impossible for the mold to escape. After the mold is successfully removed and scrubbed off of any materials it has affected, the area will be sealed.

A lot of websites or people may say that you should use bleach to kill mold and prevent it from growing, this is a very false statement. Bleach is mostly water, and water is what mold thrives on. It will use the bleach to its advantage and spread even more. A common thing to do is cover the once affected area with Kilz, Concrobium, Zinnser Gaurdz, etc. There are many chemicals you can use to cover your affected area, our team will provide their own and use them to seal the area that has been worked on.

As you can see, there is a lot of ins and outs to be learned when it comes to mold growth, and removing it. Our certified team will take care of your situation, and will safely remove any and all mold that does exist in your home. Safety is our first concern, and you will be guaranteed a professional outcome.

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