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When water disasters occur, it seems to always come at the most unexpected time. Water disasters such as, burst water heater, flash flood, cracked water pipes, or heavy rainstorm- with all situations there is one common enemy- and that is Time. Only professional restoration companies will be able to handle these water damages with time efficiency in mind.  This is very important and it is encouraged to call a restoration company the second you recognize the disaster- if one does wait to do so, damages and it’s cost for repair will typically increase as time goes by. 

Image showing rot and mold because water damage wasn't handled efficiently

An Example Of Water Damage And It's Affect

Restoration is very much doable when it comes to water disasters. Damages on drywall would be dried, pads or carpeting can be cleaned, hardwood flooring can be dried as well, furniture and other damaged items can possibly be restored; it all depends on time. Professional technicians from a restoration company are available 24/7 and with PuroClean’s qualified specialists’ rapid response and attendance to perform services can help save and contain property and costs 

As a homeowner, it is okay to be distraught about a trauma caused by a disaster. It is typical to feel down and vulnerable when ones home is in a uncomfortable condition, however a professional restoration company can help and knows the first thing that is needed to do to ease the mind of the homeowner as well as ease the situation by professional restoration services. The technicians will periodically inform the homeowner on what needs to be done with mitigation and repair. The main mission of our technicians is to repair all property to a point of norm prior to the disaster in a time sensitive manner. 

It is important to be aware of the health risks that comes with damages cause by water on structures. The structures that are not properly dried down in a rapid manner are in a huge risk for mold to develop and grow. When mold develops it can be responsible for many different reactions and health problems. Mold typically grows in confined spaces and is usually hard to recognize. A specialist from a restoration company can identify the affected areas and help prevent the progression of the mold by rapid remediation with the utilization of the equipment we provide. The technician will remove all mold as well as all of the moisture before mold develops in those areas. In areas in which moisture has already progressed into mold, the technician in which he or she is trained in remediation will do all things toprevent any more contamination’s and perform proper elimination of the mold. 

Aside from mold progression, there are other damages that is cause by water disasters that may need rapid response as well. A professional restoration company is trained to rapidly repair water induced damages such as any stains on furniture, color transfers, cracks or rusting, conflict in electronics or damages on other contents of the things within the household. These  situations can be properly addressed by trained technicians in a timely manner. Remember, time is key to prevent a costly repair. 

Fire or smoke damage to property, regardless of the “size” of the fire, also requires an immediate response. Soot residue is highly acidic and can cause irreversible damage if it is not treated as an emergency. Soot residue can cause the metal in doorknobs, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, etc., to pit or corrode. Glass in windows, mirrors, and cabinets can be etched by soot residue, causing them to look cloudy and soiled. Plastics, appliances, vinyl windows and fabrics can be discolored by soot residue. A properly trained professional restoration specialist can inspect for these problems and is able to perform the necessary actions to prevent damage from occurring.

When a fire or smoke loss is handled correctly you will see the difference

Before and after a Fire (Smoke Damage)

Damage to property due to any fire or smoke requires immediate response as well. Fire or smoke damage can cause soot residue which can cause damages if not treated immediately due to the residues acidity. The soot residue can cause the items that contains metal to corrode. mirrors, cabinets, and glass can also be affected by soot residue causing a cloudy look. Soot residue can cause furniture to be discolored. PuroClean’s trained technicians will be able to identify affected areas and belongings and execute proper actions in order to prevent any further damage from occurring.



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Dan Camara is the CEO of PuroClean Home Rescue in Sacramento. We have been helping the good folks of Northern California with water damage dryouts, mold removal and fire cleanups for nearly 5 years now. Connect with me on Google+
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