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Water damage can be classified as a tragic event to most people who experience it. The causes of water damage can range from a simple burst pipe, to an extreme storm. With the spontaneous weather changes, and bizarre incidences that occur in the world today, water damage happens more often than not. With this being said, it is very important to know the ins and outs of water damage, and the restoration process.

Pic showing sheetrock removed from water damage loss

Water damaged drywall that had to be removed.

Water spreads very fast and gravity does what it is supposed to, it will pull the water to its lowest point. Water will then begin to puddle and soak into the material it is set on. The longer the water remains there, the more damage it will cause. At this point, the water damage may be visible. The effects you will not be able to see can be the rotting of wood, metal materials rusting, and the growth of mold, just to list a few. And depending on the category and class the damage is listed in, the effects could be more, and could be worse. In any category and class of water damage, health concerns are always brought into play. The health concerns can be even worse depending on the family living in the affected home, and their present health problems.


Photo of a flooded basement with water every where

An example of a flooded home.

When water damage leads to mold, it can cause allergies, headaches, sinus problems along with heavy constant sneezing, and discolored rashes to name a few. These health concerns are why it is important to not let water damage go untreated, and why it is recommended to hire professionals. This way the problem can be treated by Technicians specifically trained to keep you and your home healthy. With this in mind, wouldn’t hiring a professional restoration company be a good path to take? Yes, having strangers in your home may be unsettling and having (for lack of a better term) your world turned upside down may raise a few flags. But putting yourself and your home in the care of a restoration company is the best thing you can do in this situation. Not only is the restoration of your home a main concern, but your personal well being and feelings are a main priority.


Photo of a hardwood floor that wasnt dried efficiently following a flood

Water damaged hardwood floor.

The most common places for a water loss to occur are bathrooms and kitchens, two very important rooms in your home. No doubt your daily routine will be disrupted and this can be a very stressful thing for a family to take in. In order to dry out an affected area a large amount of equipment may have to be set up. Air movers, more likely than not, will be placed along with dehumidifiers and other equipment depending on the circumstances. These may block pathways, or even make certain rooms of the home unavailable. Why would someone put themselves through this in order to dry out their water loss?


Photo showing water damaged floor and walls

An example of a water damaged floor + minor drywall.

There are countless reasons, but we’ll start with the more important ones. Take for instance, your wood floors. Wood floors are installed by “tongue and groove” interlocking layers, placed on top of glue. When water is introduced to this material, it will warp it making the edges pop up, causing a tripping hazard. The longer this is allowed to happen, the worse the warping and buckling will be. This is just one example, using one material among the various flooring that is generally installed in homes. Aside from the damage to materials, the main thing to take into consideration is the possibility of mold growth. Mold is a fungi that nobody wants growing in their home, especially if children are present. With this in mind, you will want to take your family’s health into consideration; do they have weak lungs, or asthma? Are they vulnerable to allergies? These are the questions you will want answered if mold is present. 

As you can see, calling a professional restoration company is a good direction to go in. Not only will the damage be removed, you will be at ease knowing you are in the hands of trained technicians. Along with insurance and stress, PuroClean will meet all of your needs and cover the restoration process efficiently and professionally.

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Dan Camara is the CEO of PuroClean Home Rescue in Sacramento. We have been helping the good folks of Northern California with water damage dryouts, mold removal and fire cleanups for nearly 5 years now. Connect with me on Google+
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