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Attic Water Damage

The attic is much like the basement in that it is an area of your home than may go largely ignored for extended periods of time.  This of course means that any problems that may crop up in these locations … Continue reading

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Choosing a Dehumidifier

Humidity is nobody’s idea of a good time.  It makes the air around you feel heavy, and if you perform any physical exertion at all, you can often, as people say, “feel it in your lungs”.  Worse, excessive humidity within … Continue reading

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Water Damage Proper Assessment

Following a water damage event, your first reaction may be the quite appropriate “what a mess”, and this is understandable.  Water damage leaves behind a level of carnage that can be overwhelming and traumatizing for the average homeowner, in many … Continue reading

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Is Bleach Enough to Remove Mold?

One of the most common wisdoms when it comes to cleaning up mold damage is that a bleach solution will take care of it.  Perhaps in smaller cases, such as those encountered regularly around showers and tubs, this may be … Continue reading

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