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The Levels of Water Damage

When a water loss happens in your home, before removing the affected area and the remediation process, the category and class of the damage has to be determined. There are 3 main categories of water damage and 4 classes. Some … Continue reading

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Can Water Damaged Clothing Be Saved?

Of course it is no secret that water can be the single most destructive force that can affect your home, and we have already looked at how it can impact your flooring, rugs, drywall, and other elements.  But what happens … Continue reading

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Water Damage Photos, Books and Paper

When water damage or flooding strikes a property, the structure may be severely damaged, and that in itself is bad enough.  The headaches that come along with the repairs can be major, but often times some of the smaller items … Continue reading

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Water Damaged Appliances and Electronics

Electronic equipment is especially susceptible to water damage, basically due to the fact that water and electricity do not mix.  Not only can the function of the unit be seriously compromised, but it may actually be dangerous to any person … Continue reading

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