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Water damage, fire and smoke damage, and mold damage; how can we restore your home back to its original state? There are two correct answers to this question – well trained technicians and our state-of-the-art equipment. First let’s discuss our technicians, and how they play a key role in the restoration of your home.

Water Damage Technicians

PuroClean’s technicians have been thoroughly trained to handle all of these disasters. There are certain required classes one must take in order to be certified to handle water, fire, and mold. For various reasons, including safety, it is a must that these classes are taken and passed. Water can be a disastrous element, especially indoors. When water is trapped inside a home it can soak into any organic material and unfortunately it will not completely dry. For instance, if you have had a water loss occur in your kitchen and you have hardwood floors the water will seep under your wood floors and will stay there until removed. Knowing how water flows, its damage rate, and how to remove it is what the class will provide our technicians. Fire and smoke are completely different to work with since they have different affects. Smoke will cause soot and soot will get into every single part of your home, every crack, nook, and cranny. Learning how to remove this safely and efficiently is taught to our technicians.

Now that you easier to place efficiently and get into areas a normal fan would not be able to reach.have an idea of what our technicians are trained to handle and accomplish professionally, let’s discuss the second answer to our question. Equipment is vital to restoring a home, especially depending on what equipment you have available. There are thousands of available means necessary to re-mediate your property damage, but what makes PuroClean’s equipment efficient? Let’s take a look at a list of equipment PuroClean provides and how it works.

PuroClean State-of-the-art Equipment

A picture of a standard air mover used to dry a home

What an AirMover looks like.

AirMovers – An AirMover is a large fan (snail) that blows air at three separate speeds. The way they are designed makes it easier to maneuver and place in areas that are tight, and allow proper airflow to penetrate saturated spaces that may not be visible at certain angles. This machine makes your restoration process faster and more efficient.

Ride-on rover for removing water from carpet and pad

A Rover used in water losses - to extract water from carpet, pad and subfloor

Rover – Our Rover is one of our best and most efficient pieces of equipment. It is used to extract the most amount of water soaked into a carpet. This device is laid on the floor, with handles extended; our technicians will stand on it using their weight to press the rover to the carpet. It is then attached to a suction vacuum that will extract over %95 of excess water. The reason this device is so essential is because it removes so much water, making the pad underneath much lighter to carry and more times than not, can save the carpet.

Pic of injectidry system used to dry walls, cabinets and even hardwood floors

An Injectidry machine

Injectidry or DriForce – There are areas in a home that our technicians cannot access with a regular airmover unless removing them is an option. When cabinets or drywall cavities (for example) are soaked, our technicians may use an Injectidry or DriForce system. This device has several tubes that are injected into the wet material. These tubes are all connected to the injectidry and warm dry air is injected into the cavities to dry them from the inside. There are also floor mats which can be placed over water damaged hardwood flooring and connected to the injectidry or driforce. These floor mats draw the moist air from the floors acting as one big vacuum. No doubt, this speciality machine is essential and great to use on a water loss.

These are just three examples of the equipment needed to dry out certain water losses. As you can see, the mixture of our technicians and equipment make the restoration process of your home accomplished professionally.

About Dan Camara

Dan Camara is the CEO of PuroClean Home Rescue in Sacramento. We have been helping the good folks of Northern California with water damage dryouts, mold removal and fire cleanups for nearly 5 years now. Connect with me on Google+
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