Category 3 Water Damage

Category 3 Water Damage

There are three separate water damage classifications, the least severe first, followed by the more severe. Category 3 water damage is by far the worst, not only because of the damage it causes, but the health risks it brings with it.


What is considered category 3 water damage?

Category 3 water damage will come into play when:

  • Outside water, whether from rain, rivers, sea water, or even aquariums enters the home. This water can contain bacteria or agents harmful to one’s health.
  • More situations that can cause category 3 water damage are sewage, and infected toilet overflow. The reasons these are considered category 3 are because there are known, and unknown harmful substances present inside of these waters.

When category 3 water damage occurs in your home, you will want to hire professionals to handle it. With experts, not only will you avoid unnecessary exposure to bacteria, but you will get professional results.


Unsanitary – Black Water

Category 3 water damage is often associated with black water. Black water can contain bacteria or harmful agents to health. Some of the harmful agents that can be present in Black water, or category 3, are Hepatitis A, and Adenoviruses. This water may often be from sewage, outside rain water, and may contain an odor. The first thing professional technicians will consider are the health facts of the people occupying the home, and their living arrangement. It is our main priority to ensure the safety of anyone exposed in or near the area of a category 3 water loss.

Time is also something to take into serious consideration. Water damage comes in 3 categories, but the first 2, can easily escalate into a category 3. The longer water sits, the worse the damage will be. Especially depending on how many bacteria, fungus, and mold spores are present in the water. When water sits, we allow it time for the mold spores to grow, depending on the material it is soaked in; it can grow rapidly, or gradually. Organic materials are very vulnerable and will be infected slightly faster than other materials. However, the typical time for mold growth ranges from 2-3 days, and can remain unnoticed for months, if not treated at the time of the water damage.

The Remediation Process

Once your hired technicians discuss with you all health concerns and classify the class and category of your water loss, we will walk you through the process of removing bacteria infected water. Depending on the amount of water present, the removal of excess water is important. There are many machines used for this. Among the most popular is the Rover, it will remove 98% of water. Air Movers will then be placed, changing the liquid into a vapor (evaporation). With the vapor in the air, we will then place Dehumidifiers to remove it and dry any additional areas. Most water damage is best removed with Dehumidifiers.

Additional work may have to be done depending on the damage.

There are reasons it is not recommended to take on a job like this on your own. There are many extensive requirements and equipment needed. When handling category 3 water losses, professionals will wear full body suits, respirator masks, and gloves because of the infected water and of the cleaning agents used to bring your home back to its normal state. Wearing body suits, gloves, and masks are vital to our technicians health, safety always comes first. Handling agents like these are better left to a trained Technician to ensure the job is done efficiently and effectively.


Not only will the professionals handle the water damage, but we will help you with your insurance claims, and take away the amount of stress you will have to undergo. In a tragic time of home damage, dealing with what can be listed as a home disaster, having the support and help in small and large areas can make a big difference to a homeowner and their family. We strive to make this process as simple, easy, and stress free as possible. After the water is removed, and your home is water free, no longer at risk of mold growth, or health complications, it is guaranteed you will be satisfied with the amount of skill and professionalism put into the restoration.

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