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Water Damage: Multiple levels

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Water Damage: Multiple levels of water damage

Many people tend to think of water damage in very one dimensional ways, namely that all they have to worry about is their lowest level or basement. After all, flood water isn't likely to travel up the stairs, right? As a result, they take steps to defend the lower levels, even moving valuables to a higher floor to prevent damage. Unfortunately, they are overlooking a fairly large piece of the water damage puzzle.

Upper level water damage accounts for a significant percentage of all water damage cases. In many newer homes, washer/dryer connections are found on upper levels, and hot water heaters are commonly found in attics along with air conditioning units, both of which may cause significant water leaks if they malfunction.

When a leak or spill occurs upstairs, it is twice as important to be proactive in locating it and shutting it off. Water will always follow the path of least resistance, going wherever gravity takes it. This includes down through your walls to your lower level. So, unlike a first floor spill which will remain confined to one area, and upper level spill will eventually spread and cause problems downstairs as well. Your drywall may be severely damaged by running water, made apparent by discolorations or stains, then softening of the wall itself. Even worse, electrical wiring running through your walls may be damaged, increasing the risk of fire.

Sometimes water will build up above the lower level ceilings. When this happens, the ceiling may start to sag under the weight of the water. Do not enter any room where such sagging is apparent. The ceiling could give way at any time, sending water and any debris that has been built up falling into the lower floor. A person standing in the wrong place may be injured. Even if the ceiling remains intact, lighting fixtures in the room are at risk for short circuiting and blowing out. The electricity to the structure should be shut off at the breaker to prevent risk of injury.

Due to the complexity of working between floor levels, upper level water damage should always be handled by a certified water restoration professional. They have the training and experience to quickly determine the source of the water, shut it off, and begin the restoration process as quickly as possible. Acting rapidly will go a long way towards minimizing the level of damage to your home or business.

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Once the home has been secured, loose items such as furniture, appliances, and electrical devices may be removed. If they have been damaged by water, they can be cleaned and repaired elsewhere. This prevents them from being an impediment to other restoration efforts.

At this point, the full extent of the damage can be determined. All affected surfaces will need to be completely dried out; failure to do so may result in the growth of harmful microorganisms, such as mold. Carpets may need to be taken up in order to fully dry out the flooring beneath. Drywall may have to be partially or fully removed to remediate the moisture remaining in the walls. Vinyl flooring or tiling may have to be taken up in order to locate all water that is affecting your home.

Restoration professionals know exactly where to look for water damage that may not be readily apparent, as well as the proper steps to take to return your property to it pre-loss condition.

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