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Water Damage: Round Rock Restoration vs Mitigation?

Okay, when talking about Round Rock water damage, most of us pretty well understand terms such as "water removal", which is of course the removal of any and all excess water from a damaged property. However other terms get thrown around regularly whose meanings are less clear, such as "water restoration" or "water mitigation". At times these are used interchangeably in the discussion, and not always correctly.

Mitigation and restoration are actually two steps in the same process, known generally as water damage restoration. This is the predetermined step by step process of getting the water out of your property and returning said property to its pre-loss condition.

Round Rock water mitigation as it relates to your property basically involves any and all steps that are taken to prevent the damage from becoming worse. This includes locating the source of the water leak and shutting it off or blocking it. This prevents the loss from escalating and in many cases provides valuable information such as the source of the water and whether or not it contains contaminants. The initial mitigation steps need to be taken in the timeliest manner possible in order to be fully effective.

Another step in the mitigation process is the cleaning of damaged items and valuables. In many cases it is more cost effective to clean than to replace. Again, this assumes that the cleaning is done as soon as possible after the damage has occurred. Water that is left in or on damaged items can quickly produce secondary problems such as mold. Once these subsequent problems have appeared, a mildly expensive cleanup bill becomes a very expensive replacement bill.

Restoration is a later step in the process, designed to repair everything that was damaged and return your property to its former beauty. It would include the repair of any and all cracks or leaks in piping, walls, ceilings, foundations, etc. Carpeting may need to be replaced. Flooring may be warped or cracked and drywall may have been stained or softened, requiring partial or complete replacement. Appliances and other electronic items will need to be cleaned and inspected by a qualified electrician before any further use. The property may also require minimal or extensive reconstruction and repair before it is deemed habitable.

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Professional restoration services are always advised in the wake of a Round Rock TX water damage problem, due to their training and experience with similar scenarios. The ideal company will have been certified through industry leaders such as the Clean Trust or the Restoration Industry Association, which provides training and certification in all areas of water damage restoration as well as ongoing educational opportunities, allowing them to take full advantage of the latest in procedures and tools.

Professional services such as Puroclean know how to properly assess a given situation, as well as the steps to take to correct it. What this means for the homeowner is a quality job done correctly. Nobody wants to have to revisit a water damage problem, because the subsequent long term effects can be serious, significantly increasing your repair costs.

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