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When you have San Francisco Water Damage you need to find a restoration company who has been serving commercial and residential property owners in the San Francisco area for over 30 years with 100% guaranteed results.

You need a water Damage Restoration company in San Francisco to repsond quickly, proficiently and successfully to all of ones water damage issues.

Water damage restoration San Francisco is not just another restoration company. Our prompt, courteous service, extensive experience and training are just part of what sets us apart from the other water damage restoration companies. We are a full service, IICRC certified restoration company and can handle all your restoration needs.

Water Damage Restoration organizations of the Bay Area should concentrate on solving your Flood Damage troubles. Water damage experts produce a massive difference, reducing structural water damage to your property or home by fast and precise action. Water damage professionals extract water, dry out, dehumidify, deodorize and sanitize areas flooded or even destroyed by water.

We offer both residential and commercial San Francisco water damage services and have someone standing by 24/7 for emergency service. Don't wait!

We also specialize in contaminated water removal (including sewage), storm damage clean-up, removal of debris, and mold removal. Our lead technicians are certified with the IICRC (industry's standards and techniques), and We are fully insured and licensed.

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San Francisco and Bay Area Water Damage technicians are fully trained and certified by the IICRC in water damage restoration and mold removal. When your home has flood, mold, fire or water damage you shouldn't have to concern yourself with anything - we will take care of everything for you and will have your home and your lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

If your San Francisco property has water damage we can dry it - (800) 775-7876

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Experiencing a flood or some type of water damage in your home or business is certainly no trivial matter. If you don’t mitigate the water damage and act fast, water can begin to destroy anything it touches such as drywall, flooring, ceiling tiles and wood studs. As a water damage restoration professional we understand that most water damage emergencies happen after hours (normally while people are away from home) and require immediate service. That is why water damage experts are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help get your home or business dried out and repaired.

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Insurance companies have high expectations of water damage refurbishment companies and will not provide an indemnity unless the work is completely properly at a fair price.

Major insurance firms know we provide professional staff who are able to extract the unwanted water from your home or businesses and rapidly set up dehumidification and drying units to prevent further loss.

We maintain regular communication with your insurance company on your behalf to assist with the completion and payment of the insurance claim. Our staff are fully trained and certified in estimating water damage losses with precise software and tools.

The accuracy of our estimates means that most major insurance companies accept our estimates without question, expediting the beginning of work. After the claim has been approved without hassle, we'll send our experts in the fields of Structural Drying and Water Damage Restoration.






Bay Area and San Francisco water mitigation and dryout companies possess substantial knowledge in the area of water damage removal. They will pride themselves in delivering the most knowledgeable water damage and mold technician to your San Francisco residence. They will arrive at your property possessing industrial quality equipment which allows them to bring back your home or office to a living and functioning state inside of three to four days. Because we are restoration experts, the objective is always to return the San Francisco building to it's pre loss condition as fast as possible, with little if any repair or renovation.

As soon as our Bay Area technicians arrive at the job site, they are going to speak to the property or home owner, examine and assess the impacted areas. The water and mold damage specialists will identify every affected areas by utilizing moisture meters that will assist to identify precisely where the water has spread along with exactly what professional services are essential for the most successful drying to take place.

1. Moisture detection. We use highly specialized moisture meters and probes to pinpoint exactly where the water came from, determine where the water has gone and how much moisture has soaked in the walls and floors. Keep in mind we can dry water damaged sheetrock and it can be saved.

2. Water extraction. We use our powerful portable water extraction vacuum pumps to extract as much water from the floors as possible. We utilize weighted extraction equipment that we stand on and ride across the wet carpet extracting up to 95% of the water from the carpet, pad and sub floor (the rest dries when we use our drying equipment).

3. Drying equipment placement. Based on the amount of water, drying equipment (dehumidifiers and air movers/fans will be put in place to quickly evaporate the remained of water in the building. The air movement displaces the humid air touching the wet surface (boundary layer) and the dehumidifiers dry the air. Placing each piece in a specific location is a science – the idea is to get the air circulating in one direction around the room for more effective drying.

4. Equipment monitoring. A certified technician will show up at your home each day to monitor the drying status and reposition the equipment if required to ensure the fastest possible drying time so you can return to your life as quickly as possible.

Types of Bay Area San Francisco Water Damage And Mold Contamination

Category one San Francisco Water damage: This specific water could be viewed as “fresh, clean water”. Originating from a supply that will not harm individuals.

Category two San Francisco Water damage: This kind of water includes a considerable level of contamination. Also referred to as “gray water” This kind of water presents the possibility of leading to discomfort or even sickness.
Category two water could have the following pollutants:

1.Fungi, bacteria, viruses or algae
3.Physical Hazards

If neglected Category two water damage can turn into category three in just two days.

Category three San Francisco Water damage: This specific water is usually referred to as “Black Water”. Black water will be unsanitary and may even comprise of the following pollutants:

2.Rotten Food Products


The best way to Deal with San Francisco water damage

A standard Bay Area water mitigiation process might be the following, and naturally, could be modified because of the seriousness of the water damage to your property or business. There will also be actions that may not necessarily need to be taken, again
based on the intensity of the damage. Just about every San Francisco residence and business differs from the others and calls for different approaches to be used. Listed below is a typical process:

1. Water Extraction: Excessive water has to be removed to ensure that damage is limited to the smallest location possible. Our truck mounted extraction system enables our specialists to completely as well as swiftly remove excessive water inside your home or business.
2. Removal of any drenched, un-savable items: This would also assist the drying out process move forward rapidly. In other words carpet cushioning, vinyl floors, baseboards, as well as drywall. Nevertheless, the objective would be to dry your Bay Area home without needing to take out any materials.
3. Removing baseboards: In order to punch little openings in the lower part of the wall structure to permit suitable ventilation within the wall cavity. (If required - normally this isn't required unless it's an external wall)
4. Anti Microbial Application: Some sort of antimicrobial solution will likely be sprayed to affected regions to assist in preventing Bay Area mold development and eradicate odors.
5. Drying Equipment: As soon as damages are evaluated the experts can certainly make the determination as to which kind of equipment will dry your home or office the fastest and most completely. San Francisco mitigation companies make use of the following industrial grade equipment :
a.High Speed Air Movers
b.Refrigerant Dehumidifiers (different sizes)
c.Truck Installed Desiccant Dehumidifiers, which commonly dry up to 70,000 sq ft at any given time.
6. Check in examinations every day: To make certain the Bay Area structure is drying out. Our professionals make use of moisture meters for taking moisture readings. As soon as the readings come back dry, the equipment is going to be
taken out. A standard drying time will be somewhere between 3 to 4 days, but that's standard and will depend on the materials beig dried - hardwood floors for example will take longer.
7. Billing Options: Once the Bay Area water damage dryout if done, we'll either invoice the insured or we are able to invoice the insurance company directly based on homeowners preference. Professional mitigation companies make use of the Xactimate Computer software when it comes to invoicing, which happens to be the application favored by insurance organizations for invoicing.

    Make sure your San Francisco mitigation company is certified with:

    IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification - (800) 775-PURO

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  • Twenty-four Hr Bay Area Disaster Service - Commercial or residential
  • Immediate charging to Insurance
  • Bay Area Crawl Space Restoration
  • Total Basement Cleanup and Dryout
  • Water as well as Sewage Removal
  • Mold Removal and Mitigation
  • Comprehensive Structural Drying
  • San Francisco Dehumidification
  • Thorough Disinfection & Sanitization
  • Content Pack-out/Pack-back
  • Mold Screening Solutions
  • San Francisco Fire Damage Clean up
  • Smoke Damage Recovery and Cleaning
  • Bay Area Carpet Cleaning
  • Bay Area Upholstery Cleaning


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Suggestions and Recommendations

If your San Francisco residence or business is in need of water damage restoration, dont delay but call right away and we'll send our technicians out to your Bay Area property or company right away.

Bay Area Water Damage is definitely a “Restoration Specialist”, meaning that our organization focuses primarily on the restoration and drying of your San Francisco dwelling as close to a pre-loss condition as possible. To prevent any conflict of interest we all recommend homeowners/business owners stay away from a “FULL SERVICE CONTRACTOR”. A full service contractor could possibly be influenced by their ability to restore, in addition to, repair, the Bay Area water damaged building - leading to removing floor coverings, drywall, and so on. that could have been completely restored through correctly drying the area.

We work directly with your insurance provider. When dealing with water damage, we understand that dealing with paperwork and your insurance provider can be a difficult and time consuming task. As a water damage expert we have the experience to deal directly with your insurance agent for you, so all you have to do is file the claim and give your agent our contact information. We'll take care of the rest to make your water damage incident as much of a pleasant experience as possible.

Our suggestion for you, as our client, would be to allow professionals to dry your San Francisco property and then leave any kind of repairs (if any), to be completed by a contractor as soon as your Bay Area property or home is totally dry and the assessment has been made regarding exactly what repairs are required.

PuroClean QuickDry System

We provide immediate service in the event of water damage. Our emergency crew is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our services include extraction of dirt and water, sanitization, carpet odor and mildew treatment.


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