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Dan Camara is the CEO of PuroClean Home Rescue in Sacramento. We have been helping the good folks of Northern California with water damage dryouts, mold removal and fire cleanups for nearly 5 years now. Connect with me on Google+

Mold Risk in Your Home

Okay, we all know that mold is a natural part of the outdoor environment, and we know that mold damage may be encountered on a daily basis with no ill effects whatsoever. We also know that mold becomes a problem … Continue reading

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Sacramento Summer Water Damage

As we move into the middle of a Sacramento summer, we begin to experience late afternoon showers and the occasional thunderstorm. Summer showers may often be of the severe variety, bringing torrential rains, damaging hail, strong winds, and dangerous lightning. … Continue reading

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Rancho Murieta Water Job

It was 7:45PM on Saturday evening in Rancho Murieta when we received a call. It was a water job. On the other end was a frantic realtor – one of her listings was flooded. Apparently the tenant who had recently been … Continue reading

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Sacramento Water Damage and Mold Removal

Water Removal Process
Removing water damage from a Sacramento home or business can be a daunting task and take a lot of know-how and the right equipment. Most home owners think a flooded home isn’t a big deal and once the … Continue reading

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Severe Weather in Austin TX

Texas leads the rest of the country when it comes to flooding and other severe weather related events. Austin,TX lies directly in the path of what is commonly referred to as Flash Flood Alley, an area prone for rapidly developing … Continue reading

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