Storm Water Damage Cleanup

Arial view of hurricane storm damage

Arial view of hurricane storm damage

Hurricanes can strike your home at any time and with very little warning. When one does, you will be left dealing with the after effects of its wrath. People who live in the hurricane prone areas need to be prepared to deal with the possibility of excessive storm water damage that can be caused by a hurricane. This makes it important to have a plan in place to deal with the destruction that a hurricane often causes.

If you have a plan of action in place, you will be better equipped to ensure the safety of your property. One of the steps that many who live in storm ridden areas would find helpful is to have taken the time to investigate the various companies that offer professional services that deal with the aftermath of natural disasters. Knowing who to turn to when disaster strikes helps to ensure the clean up will be done quickly and give you peace of mind that whatever is needed to fix the storm water damage to your home will be done right the first time.

When you are coping with storm water damage, one of the first issues to be dealt with is sanitation. Floodwater, which is also known as black water, is as bad as sewage for the reason that it runs all over the streets before rushing to your house. It can contain harmful chemicals, insects and animals and others wastes that can make your home very unhygienic. This means that the entire house will need to be cleaned and sanitized when you are dealing with a house where floodwater has entered.

Another major problem that is associated with storm water damage caused by hurricanes is mold. Mold needs damp or wet conditions to thrive, and when a home has been saturated there are plenty of opportunities for it to take hold and grow. The growth of black mold in your house is something that can prove hazardous to you as it releases toxins in the air that can cause health problems like congestion, skin irritation and eye irritation.

Hurricane water damage to a home

Hurricanes can cause huge destruction to homes

Mold grows at a fast rate, often taking hold within 24 to 48 hours, and a storm water damaged home will be a haven for mold growth if the house is not professionally treated at once. The best way to deal with this problem can be to call for the help of a professional water damage company who has the expertise to treat and repair the flood damage in your home in a manner that will inhibit the growth of mold.

While waiting for help to arrive, there are some steps that you can take to help speed the process along and lower your overall cost. These steps include the removal of as much water, trash and belongings from the areas that have suffered water damage as is possible.

Rugs, curtains, carpets and any other items that are moisture laden need to be removed to help reduce the moisture levels that molds thrive on. This, in addition to thoroughly ventilating the home as quickly as is possible will help to mitigate the ongoing potential damage seen as an after effect of flood damage. The less damage the professionals have to deal with, the less your overall cost of putting your home back into a livable condition will be.

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