Removing Water Damage Quickly

When it comes to water damage restoration work, the results are often the best when the water restoration work was started right after the occurrence of the damage. Too many homeowners are shocked by water damage or flood damage and make the costly mistake of waiting a day or two before they tackle the problem.

weighted water extraction image

Weighted water extraction can remove up to 95% of the water from the carpet, pad and subfloor

This valuable time will allow the water and the accompanying moisture to create a lot of damage and increase the losses by several hundred of even thousands of Dollars. A professional water damage company will work around the clock as they are essentially an emergency service. So, even if your property has become subject to water damage at the middle of the night, it is highly recommended that you immediately call for the services of a contractor.

The contractor will often have a large team of personnel who will be equipped with the latest heavy duty equipment to carry out water extraction work. They will first analyze the water damage in your home and decide on how many people will be needed for the job. They will then begin prioritizing their work according to the situation in your property.

They might do all the following things simultaneously or in a step by step manner, depending on the unique situation in your home.

If there has been significant water damage, the water damage company men will first move away items from the affected area in an attempt to save it from the increased moisture levels in the house.

Powerful water extraction units or pumps will be used to pump stagnant water away from the house.

Several dehumidifiers or air movers will be placed in a strategic pattern to remove the moisture from the house and help speed up the drying process. The best companies out there will create a controlled tornado like effect with the help of state of the art technology which will often result in the best water restoration work as moisture is eliminated very quickly.

Once the water and moisture levels are under control, they will begin restoration work on affected construction material such as walls, ceiling, floors and even carpets. Any construction material affected by water damage or flood damage can be fully restored if restoration work is begun in a timely manner. They will also check for potential mold problems and eliminate such potential risks.

The water damage company may then use EPA approved disinfectants to clean your home of bacteria and fungi that could have been brought in by the water damage. They might also use air scrubbers if they detect air borne pathogens caused by the water damage.

If you were to carry out all the measures mentioned above on your own, it would take you several weeks to understand the various processes and then procure equipment to help do the job. A professional water damage company will be able to do all of the above within a few hours and thereby keep your restoration expenses down to a minimum.

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