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Winter water damage in Austin

In November, forecasters were predicting a wild and wooly ride when it came to this year's winter weather, but so far, winter 2012 has arrived with a resounding thud, with no major snowfall to be reported, and certainly nothing paralyzing or even mildly annoying to shake communities up and disrupt life as we know it. So is this the case in Austin TX for the rest of the winter months to come?

The National Weather Service is still clinging to their convictions that we will see some severe winter conditions before the country starts warming up again (even in Austin). The latest 3 month forecasts have serious conditions in store, mostly for the northern tier of US states.

"The general pattern will continue to be dominated by the current La Nina event, which favors below average temperatures across much of the northern and western US, and above average temps across most of the South, says WSI Chief Meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford.

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Obviously for the South, this is good news, but for our neighbors to the north, not so much, with computer generated results showing bitter cold predicted across much of the northern Midwest.
All to say, it remains highly recommended for property owners to properly secure their homes or businesses against the elements. Winter storms can cause ice to build up on trees and utility lines, leading to power outages. Draw up a plan so you and your family will be ready in case of a blizzard blackout.

It's a Law of Physics: Water is always looking for a way into your house. A quarter of your house exterior (roof, flashing, gutters, downspouts, and windows) is dedicated to fighting this inevitability. Austin water damage is a common byproduct of winter weather events, occurring as a result of any number of factors. Melting snow runoff, ice dams, water pooling up on your roof or in clogged up gutters, leaky roofs allowing access by water (as a result of the aforementioned problems). Fire may also be a higher risk, what with the increased use of gas powered space heaters.

Snow accumulation on and around your home is the number one problem as it relates to water damage, with snow usually collecting on the leeward (downwind) side of your roof. Be aware of these situations in the event that your roof suffers wear or outright damage as the result of too much snow. Snow will also accumulate on basement stairwells, window seals, and walls. Melting snow leads to water damage, and basements are always target zero for any excess water.

Your attic should be well ventilated in order to keep temps as close as possible to what you find outdoors. This cuts down on the risk of ice dams forming. A warm attic helps melt the snow, which runs down and freezes at the roof's edge where it is cooler. As a result, ice builds up and prevents water from draining, instead sending it back under the roof covering and down into the attic and walls of your home. Not good. Austin water damage from ice dams is completely avoidable.

Ice dams cause millions of dollars of damage every year. Ice dams usually develop along roof eaves, above the plate line of exterior walls. Contrary to popular belief, gutters do not cause ice dams. However, gutters do help concentrate ice and water at a very vulnerable roof-eaves area. Heat lost from homes at this point aggravates snow melting and ice-dam development. Water from ice dams infiltrates wall cavities. It dampens building materials and raises the relative humidity within wall frames.

Melting snow can overwhelm sump pumps and lead to basement water problems. To protect your home, PuroClean of Austin TX recommends clearing snow from around the foundation of your house. If you have one of those outdoor basement stairwells with a drain at the bottom, clear snow away from the drain so that melting snow won't overwhelm your sump pump.

In the event of water damage as a result of winter weather, don't wait to call for professional help. Damage caused by water will not get better on its own. Quite the opposite; it will only get worse.

Your local Clean Trust certified water restoration professionals are available 24/7, year round, ready to assess your water damage problems and begin the restoration process, designed to return your home to its pre-loss condition. All work is guaranteed, and best of all, they will work with your insurance provider, providing direct billing services to spare you the additional headaches. Enjoy the snow, but don't let it become a liability. Prepare your home for winter today!

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