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Water Damage: Flood damage in Austin TX

It's been said that they do everything bigger in Texas, and flood damage is no exception. In fact, Austin TX is widely known as one of the most flood prone regions in the entire United States. Located centrally in what is commonly referred to as Flash Flood Alley, flash floods are the number one flooding threat to the area every year.

Austin is known for many things, not the least of which is its thriving music and arts scene. Austin has been the home to any number of artists and musicians, and earned its reputation as a cultural Mecca. Unfortunately, it's also known for being one of the most flood prone areas in the country, with water damage occurring in the millions of dollars every year across the city.

Located in the zone known affectionately as "Flash Flood Alley", Austin finds itself the target of water damage as the result of severe storms, longer than average periods of rain, and flooding of local creeks and rivers. Homes and businesses find themselves at perpetual risk of damage from water. The problems faced by this region are caused by a double shot of oceanic air coming from both the Gulf of Mexico, and the Mexican Pacific coast, mixing with cold fronts from the Arctic. The result may be strong thunderstorms or extended period of inclement weather, causing creeks and rivers to overflow their banks.

In 1981, Austin experienced the notorious Memorial Day Flood, in which 13 people lost their lives and damage to the city was estimated at $35.5 million.

Flooding is always dangerous, but flash flooding is especially so. Flash floods can form in a matter of minutes, sweeping across the countryside and obliterating everything in their path. People in the path of these floods may only have a few minutes advanced warning in order to evacuate to higher ground, which is why flash flood warnings should never be ignored.

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Due to the increased threat of flood damage in Austin TX; it is advisable to know who you are going to call in the event of an emergency. Nobody likes to think about water damage until it occurs, and therein lays the problem. Once water damage has affected your home or business, you have to act quickly if you expect to avoid subsequent problems such as mold. The window of opportunity is only about 48 hours wide, which means you don't have time to comparison shop or chase down references.

Once flood damage settles in, the problem becomes exponentially worse. Mold sets in, spreads rapidly, and may prove extremely difficult to get rid of. Even worse, it brings with it all kinds of health problems and may render your home uninhabitable for an extended period of time.

Once water finds its way into a structure, the damage is done. Water can in many cases be more destructive than fire, due in large part to the fact that water continues to wreak havoc for as long as it is allowed to remain standing. If the damage occurs upstairs, the problem is made worse, as water will always follow the path of least resistance, working its way downstairs through ceilings and walls, and causing damage to your electrical and HVAC system, not to mention what it does to drywall, sheetrock, and flooring.

Water damage in Austin also means additional problems such as mold, if you don't take immediate steps to treat it and get everything dried out. Mold grows anywhere there is sufficient moisture to support it, and a water damaged home or business can become a hotbed of mold activity in as little as 48 hours. This may occur sooner if the flood water is sewage based. Once a mold colony has established, your problems increase almost exponentially.

Water also goes to work on the structure of your home, rotting wood and rusting metal, which may compromise your home's structural integrity, making it unsafe for anyone to be in.

So obviously, water damage can cause major problems, problems that simply cannot be solved overnight or by throwing a few towels on the affected area. The cleanup process must be done right the first time in order to avoid these long term problems. Water damage restoration consists of a series of steps to be taken in a predetermined order if the problem is to be properly rectified.

Excess water will need to be removed, and all affected surfaces dried out. Furniture, appliances, and other items will need to be dried out, cleaned, and repaired, and all electrical units properly inspected before any further use. If mold is found it will need to be removed and the affected area properly treated in order to prevent it from returning. Any damage done to the structure will have to be repaired in order to return the property to its pre-loss condition.

Quality flood damage restoration for Austin residents should be obtained early on. Think of it like auto insurance. You're not likely to wreck your car, but it sure is nice to know that things are covered if it should happen. The ideal company should be industry certified through the Clean Trust or Restoration Industry Association…this means the company will be available 24/7, answering their own phones, and able to have a technician out to your home within the hour. These professionals will be trained and experienced in the latest flood restoration techniques and tools, and able to accurately assess your flood damage needs and begin the restoration process.

It's more than basic home repair, to be sure, which is why you should always call on professional water damage restoration services. An industry certified professional service provider will be available 24/7, able to have someone out to your home promptly, and offer a complete range of services designed to get the water out, dry everything up, and return your life to normal. Even better, all work is guaranteed and they can work directly with your insurance provider, sparing you any number of headaches and making sure the process goes smoothly.

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